3 billion transistors to build the core of GF100 and GF110

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2022-03-02 09:16

● The secret I have to tell NVIDIA GTC 2010
At the NVIDIA GTC 2010 conference in September this year, the author was invited to the United States to participate in this event, and also had the honor to visit NVIDIA's headquarters in Silicon Valley. One stop during the visit to the headquarters is the GTL (Game Test Lab) department, which conducts comprehensive game performance tests for all released, unreleased and rival released products, because GTL Lab is NVIDIA's "game of the road" an important part of.
During my visit to the GTL lab, the author saw the GeForce GTX 580, which was released today. Due to the non-disclosure agreement, I could not report it. It is worth mentioning that except for the GeForce GTX 580, other unreleased products I also met by chance during this visit, which means that NVIDIA already has the second-generation DirectX 11 product, but it is not in a hurry to release it, maybe it is to act conservatively against the opponent's phone.
In the GTL lab report, the photo information "carefully" smeared by the author is actually the official test data of the GeForce GTX 580 single card and SLI performance.
● The core of GF110 is built for the same 3 billion transistors
The GF100 core uses 3 billion transistors to "build together", and the GF110 is also made of this number of transistors. Moreover, the GF110 core and the GF100 core use the exact same architecture design, that is to say, the architecture design, specification settings and functions are the same. So is GF110 the full specification product of GF100?
The GeForce GTX 580 uses the GF110-375-A1 core manufactured by TSMC using a 40nm process. It consists of 3 billion transistors and comes standard with 512 stream processors, 48 ​​raster processors, 64 texture units and a 384bit video memory controller by default. .
Although the GeForce GTX 580 is NVIDIA's second-generation DirectX 11 product, the GF110 core cannot escape the relationship with the GF100. Not only the core architecture, specifications and functions are the same, even the core model is only one word behind the GF100-375-A1 of the GeForce GTX 480.
GeForce GTX 580 is equipped with 12 SAMSUNG K4G10325FE-HC04 particles with a specification of 16M*32bit, which constitute a combination of 384bit/1536MB.
At present, the latest version of GPU-Z still cannot officially recognize the GeForce GTX 580. For example, many key parameters in the above picture cannot be recognized, and the memory particles are also recognized as GDDR3. However, the memory capacity and the frequency of the graphics card are correctly identified, the memory capacity is 1536MB, and the default frequency of the public version is 772MHz/1544MHz/4008MHz

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