Classification and advantages and disadvantages of power electronic devices

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2022-02-08 15:09

1. Classification:
According to the degree of control of power electronic devices that can be controlled by circuit signals:
1. semi controlled devices, such as thyristor;
2. fully controlled devices, such as GTO (gate switch off thyristor), GTR (power transistor), MOSFET (electric field effect transistor), IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor);
3. uncontrollable devices, such as electric diodes;
According to the nature of the signal between the control circuit and the common end of the power electronic device, the driving circuit is classified.
1. voltage driven devices, such as IGBT, MOSFET, SITH (electrostatic induction thyristor);
2. current driven devices, such as thyristors, GTO and GTR.
According to the effective signal waveform between the driving circuit plus the control terminal and the common end of the power electronic device, the classification is as follows:
1. pulses touch, such as thyristor, GTO;
2. electronic control types, such as GTR, MOSFET, IGBT;
According to the two kinds of carriers in the power electronic devices, they are classified as follows:
1. bipolar devices, such as power diodes, thyristors, GTO and GTR.
2. monopole devices, such as MOSFET, SIT;
3. compound devices, such as MCT (MOS controlled thyristor) and IGBT;
Two, advantages and disadvantages
1, power diode: simple structure and principle, reliable operation;
2. Thyristor: the capacity to withstand voltage and current is the highest in all devices; there are common type (KP), fast type (KK), bidirectional (KS), high frequency (KA\KG), etc.
3, IGBT: high switching speed, small switching loss, the ability to withstand impulse current impact, low pass state pressure drop, high input impedance, voltage drive, low driving power, shortcoming: switching speed is lower than MOSFET, voltage and current capacity is less than GTO
4, GTR: high pressure, high current, good switching characteristics, strong flow capacity, low saturation pressure; disadvantages: low switching speed, for current drive, high driving power, complex drive circuit, two breakdown problems
5, GTO: high voltage and current capacity, suitable for high-power situation, with conductance modulation effect, its flow ability is very strong; shortcomings: current turn off gain is very small, turn off the gate negative pulse current is large, switching speed is low, driving power is large, driving circuit is complex, switching frequency rate is low
6, MOSFET: fast switch speed, high input impedance, good thermal stability, low driving power and simple driving circuit, high working frequency, no two breakdown problems; shortcomings: low current capacity, low pressure resistance, generally only suitable for power electronic installation without more than 10kW power.
7, high voltage silicon stack: composed of several high-voltage rectifier diodes (silicon particles) in series, which is essential for converting AC into DC in high voltage rectification.

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