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  Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture, sales and service of power semiconductor devices, and has obtained a national invention patents, seven utility model patents only in the year of 2012 and 2013, and won the support funds for provincial key scientific and technological enterprises.
  Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, located in Linghe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of over 20,000 square meters.and own subsidiary company R-Switch Industry Group that responsible for exporting to foreign market.The main products are KP, KK, KG, KA and other series thyristors, ZP and ZK series rectifiers, high and low voltage soft-start components, high-density diodes, module components, power components, etc., among which the main technical indicators of high-voltage thyristors and high-density diodes have reached or exceeded those of international famous brand products. The products are widely used in DC transmission, reactive power compensation, motor soft start, excitation, induction heating, electric transmission, electrical welding machines, locomotive traction, electrolytic plating and electrical automatic control and other industries, and the company's products have been sold nationwide and exported to Europe, Middle East,Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries and regions.
  Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. has the production lines of a number of patented technologies and advanced complete testing equipment. After the successful acquisition of Tianjin Rectifier Factory and State 777 Factory Semiconductor Second Branch, the company introduced two complete production lines, one is the production line with American IR production technology and the other is semiconductor military production line, which makes the company's production and testing level achieves the domestic leading level.
  Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. has a technology-skilled, aggressive and innovative research and development team, and has been adhering to the innovative ideas of “No people have me, I have excellent people”. Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise that has independently developed KK4500A-2500V Thyristors, with the main technical indicators reached the level of international similar products, to fill the domestic gap. The company is a member unit of China Power Electronics Association, and has won the honorary title of advanced member of the Association. The company has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, and has carried out multi-faceted cooperation with Shenyang University of Technology for a long term, thus is the practice base for Microelectronics Major of Shenyang University of Technology.
  Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. has established a efficient customer service system by adhering to the principles of "promote development through innovation, pursue effectiveness through management, win markets with quality, operating on integrity", to provide customers with a full range of services and the best cost-effective products by persisting in the win-win cooperation philosophy, and strive to work with customers to create a new leap forward.
  Goal of Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. - To be the best supplier of power semiconductors in the world.

Jinli Electric Co., Ltd.

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