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3 billion transistors make GF100 and GF110 cores

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2018/07/18 10:25
ThesecretNVIDIAGTC2010hastobesaid AttheNVIDIAGTC2010conferenceinSeptemberthisyear,IwasinvitedtotheUnitedStatestoparticipateintheevent,andfortunatelyvisitedtheheadquartersofNVIDIAinSiliconValley.Attheh

The secret NVIDIA GTC 2010 has to be said


At the NVIDIA GTC 2010 conference in September this year, I was invited to the United States to participate in the event, and fortunately visited the headquarters of NVIDIA in Silicon Valley. At the headquarters visit, one station is the GTL (Game Test Lab) department, which is a full game performance test for the published, unpublished and released full line products, because the GTL laboratory is an important part of the NVIDIA "way of the game".


And in this GTL laboratory visit, I saw the release of GeForce GTX 580 today, because of the confidentiality agreement can not be reported, and it is worth mentioning that in addition to the GeForce GTX 580, other unpublished products are also in the visit in this visit, that is, the NVIDIA has already had the second generation of DirectX 11. Products, but are not eager to release, perhaps in order to defend their opponents.


In the GTL lab report, the photo information that the author "painstakingly" smeared is actually the official test data of GeForce GTX 580 single card and SLI performance.


Create the GF110 core with 3 billion transistors


The GF100 core uses 3 billion transistors to build together, while GF110 is also made from this quantity transistor. Moreover, the GF110 core and the GF100 core use the same architectural design, that is to say, no matter from the architecture design, the specification setting or the function are the same. So is GF110 the GF100 full specification product?


GeForce GTX 580 uses the GF110-375-A1 core made by 40nm technology for TSMC, which consists of 3 billion transistors, by default 512 stream processors, 48 grating processors, 64 texture units, and 384bit memory controllers.


Although GeForce GTX 580 is the NVIDIA second generation DirectX 11 product, the core of this GF110 is hard to escape from the relationship with GF100. Not only the core architecture, specifications and functions are the same, but even the core model is only one word difference from the GeForce GTX 480 GF100-375-A1.


The GeForce GTX 580 memory configuration has 12 SAMSUNG K4G10325FE-HC04 particles with a size of 16M*32bit, which constitute a combination of 384bit/1536MB.


The latest version of GPU-Z is still unable to formally identify GeForce GTX 580, for example, many of the key parameters in the image can not be identified, while the memory particles are also identified as GDDR3. However, the memory capacity and the frequency of card recognition are correct, the video memory capacity is 1536MB, and the public version default frequency is 772MHz/1544MHz/4008MHz