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Progress in the study of ultra low voltage double layer transistors

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2018/07/18 09:26

As a kind of important semiconductor devices, membrane transistors have wide application value in flat panel display, sensor and so on. In recent years, due to its advantages of low temperature film formation, high electron mobility and visible light transparency, wide band gap oxide semiconductors have attracted wide interest in the field of thin film transistors. Due to the weak coupling of the conventional SiO2 gate dielectric capacitance, the typical working voltage of the current thin film transistors is generally greater than 10V, which greatly limits its application in the portable field. Studies show that ionic liquids and ionic gels (IonGels) have low frequency double layer capacitance up to 10 F/cm2. The researchers used the double-layer gate dielectric to produce 1.0V-2.0V organic thin film transistors. But so far, such gate dielectric has been rarely used in inorganic oxide semiconductor transistor devices.


Since 2009, the Ningbo Institute of materials technology and Engineering Research Institute of material technology and engineering of the Chinese Academy of materials has observed a huge double layer capacitance in the microporous film system composed of nano SiO2 particles. With this medium film as a gate medium, high performance and low pressure transparent thin film crystal tube has been successfully developed. Its operating voltage is less than 1.5V. The paper is subject to a thematic report. On this basis, the project team successfully developed high performance paper transistors on the paper substrate, using all room temperature technology, and realized the transistor enhancement and depletion regulation through the oxygen pressure control technology. In addition, the research group also introduced Li and H plasmas into SiO2 nanoparticle films through a simple immersion method, which significantly enhanced the double layer capacitance of gate dielectric. A super low voltage oxide double layer thin film transistor with vertical structure has been successfully developed.