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The application field of silicon controlled devices

Application Guide
Release time:
2018/07/17 17:20

High-power semiconductor devices are mainly used in the power transmission, substation and distribution industry, motor drive industry, steel and metal smelting industry, rail transportation industry, high power supply industry, electric welding machine industry and other fields, which account for more than 90% of the demand for high power semiconductor market.


1, electric furnace industry: heat treatment furnace, induction heating furnace, smelting electric furnace, infrared heating, tempering equipment, sintering furnace and other electric furnace heating equipment.


2, packaging food machinery: plastic machinery, heat shrinkable machinery, extrusion machinery, food machinery, plastic processing


3. Glass industry: glass fiber, glass forming, glass melting, glass printing, float glass production line.


4, automobile industry: spray drying, thermoforming


5. Energy saving lighting: tunnel lighting, street lighting, photography lighting, stage lighting and lighting adjustment.


6. Electrochemical industry: distillation evaporation, preheating system, pipeline heating, petrochemical, electroplating equipment, electrolysis equipment, electrophoresis equipment


7, other industries: air power regulation, central air conditioning, electric heater temperature control, textile machinery, crystal stone production, powder metallurgy machinery, color picture tube production equipment, metallurgical machinery equipment, petrochemical machinery, temperature controlled diamond press heating


8. High power magnetizing / demagnetizing equipment, all kinds of generator excitation, rectification equipment, voltage regulator and transformer.


9, soft start and speed control equipment: large fan pump soft start energy saving operation control, high and low voltage motor soft start, of which high and low voltage motor soft start is widely used in all kinds of mine mines, such as coal mines and other mines with explosion-proof requirements, such as pumps, fans and conveyer belt motors.


10. Reactive compensation screen, DC screen, inverter, inverter, electric welding machine, electrostatic precipitator.


11, DC transmission and transformation system control, chopper


12. Transmission and traction of mines, steel, locomotives and other industries


Note: the trigger of high voltage soft start has three kinds of trigger system, such as pulse transformer trigger (poor electromagnetic compatibility), direct light trigger (high cost), optical fiber trigger (complex structure, reliable) and so on. At present, the trigger system of high voltage soft starter on the market is basically used by optical fiber trigger system, and the company is also triggered by fiber.