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SCR classification of thyristor

Application Guide
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2018/07/17 17:18
1.Maincategories: 1,ordinarysingledirectionthyristor(KP):theswitchingfrequencyisbelow400HZ,andthevoltageishigh6000~10000V 2,fastthyristor(KK):theswitchingfrequencyisabove400HZ,andthevoltageisgenerally

1. Main categories:


1, ordinary single direction thyristor (KP): the switching frequency is below 400HZ, and the voltage is high 6000~10000V


2, fast thyristor (KK): the switching frequency is above 400HZ, and the voltage is generally less than 4500V.


3, high frequency thyristor (KA\KG): the switching frequency is above 10KHZ, and the voltage is lower.


4, bidirectional thyristor (KS): two anti parallel thyristors are integrated, mainly used for AC power control, heating and lighting; (now basically not produced).


5, inverse thyristor (RCT): integrated anti parallel diode, mainly used for chopper and inverter for traction.


6, gate switch thyristor (GTO): it can turn off the gate pole, without forced commutation, the gate is positive pulse and negative pulse turn off, the switch speed is low, and the energy consumption is high; it is mainly used for traction chopper, inverter and industrial motor.


7, light controlled thyristor (LTT): optical controlled thyristor, also known as light triggered thyristor, is triggered by a certain wavelength of light triggered thyristor. The small power light control thyristor has only two terminals of anode and cathode, and high power light control thyristor is also equipped with optical cable, and the optical fiber optic fiber is equipped with a light emitting diode or a semiconductor laser as a trigger light source. Due to the use of light triggering to ensure insulation between the circuit and the control circuit and to avoid the influence of electromagnetic interference, the optical thyristor is currently playing an important role in high voltage and high-power situations, such as HVDC transmission and static var compensation.


8, asymmetrical thyristor (ASCR): no reverse blocking capability, mainly used for high frequency inverter and high frequency power supply;


9, gate less thyristor (BOD): it plays a protective role in the circuit, so as to prevent the other pipes from receiving excessive voltage.


Two. Other classifications:


1. According to the current capacity, thyristors can be divided into high-power thyristors, medium power thyristors and small power thyristors.


2, according to the pin and polarity, thyristors can be divided into bipolar thyristors, triode thyristors and quadrupole thyristors.


3, according to the form of encapsulation, it can be divided into four main categories: plastic, bolt, modular and ceramic disc SCR.


(1) plastic packaging is characterized by low price, but low output power, and the main application market is consumer.


(2) the main application fields of bolt type have been replaced by plastic seal and module. Only in a few applications, it can have a place of high reliability and good shock resistance, for example, motor drive;


(3) the features of the module are simple installation and high reliability. It is widely used in power equipment (reactive power compensation, power regulator, etc.), UPS, soft start, power supply and so on.


(4) the ceramic disk (metal shell) silicon controlled silicon can be large to thousands ampere current and the output of thousands volt voltage. It is an indispensable component of the higher power level device, such as high voltage direct current transmission, wind power generation, power rectifier cabinet and so on.