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Chairman's speech

Chairman's speech

  New century, new beginning. We are lucky to have new friends and partners. Dating back to the past, the company improved core competence and realized a leapfrog development by closely circling the theme of scientific development and implementing standardized management. At present, along with the rapid development of market economy, we must cherish and closely grasp the promising strategic opportunity, keep pace with the times and strive for faster development. Looking into the future, we hope to strengthen communication and cooperation with you by information networks and join hands to create a brighter tomorrow.

  After several years of development and expansion, the company has formed a certain scale currently, ranking among top three in the industry. All performance indexes and technical parameters of our products reach the internationally advanced level, and our products are at a leading position in the industry in China. Our abundant accomplishments cannot be separated from hard work of Jinli people and support and trust of friends. Here, I, on behalf of all Jinli people, would like to express my sincere gratitude to people from all circles for their support and help.

  On the way of development, opportunities and challenges coexist, in order to survive in fierce market competition, we must keep advanced technology, first-class quality, scientific management, the best cost performance and the best service. Jinli people, under the operation philosophy of “Customers’ Success is Our Success” and the spiritual guideline of “Overcome All Difficulties, Keep Climbing, Develop Jinli’, provide products with the best quality and strive for exclusively occupying some parts of international markets. Jinli people deeply believe that they will create a brighter tomorrow by virtue of corporate power and product quality. Let’s work together for a brighter future.

  The east wind blows again, a ship sets a sail, here the company wishes all friends in the industry a happy voyage.